Wii U Chat kan inte användas när du spelar spel


Nintendos VD Satoru Iwata har i den senaste upplagan av Iwata Asks bekräftat att du inte kommer att kunna ta emot videosamtal när du spelar ett spel på Nintendos kommande konsol Wii U. Iwata hoppas att detta är något Nintendo kommer att fixa längre fram efter lanseringen. Så i framtiden kommer du att kunna videochatta när du spelar spel, helt enkelt.

Är detta en funktion du saknar?

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Julius spelintresse har vuxit sig stort sedan han fick en Game Boy och sin första spelkassett. Nästa steg var ett Nintendo 64 och på det vägen fortsatte det. Som chefredaktör är han huvudansvarig för hemsidan, dess innehåll och nyhetsflöde.

3 kommentarer på "Wii U Chat kan inte användas när du spelar spel"

  1. Martin 14 november, 2012 kl. 08:00 - Svara

    Jag har alltid saknat den funktionen till 3DS!

    • Julius Guldbog 14 november, 2012 kl. 10:47 - Svara

      Ja! Videochatt hade varit en trevlig sak till 3DS. Lite konstigt att det inte finns någon renodlad chattapplikation än. Letter Box finns, men den fyller ju inte den funktionen…

  2. SirDjs 8 december, 2012 kl. 11:22 - Svara

    Well im a pc games first hand and i bought a wii u and are enjoying it quite allot. I really wich wii u great success but. BUT they really need to fix the ingame voice and messeging my friends so i can voicetalk easely in the game and messeging and join on my friends game.

    For example ..! I have had my wii u for a week now and got 5 friends on miiverse on the console. So the other day i var chatting with one of them and we wanted to play trine 2 .so first i had to go in the ( friends App ) and see what they were playing and i could see what game they played.

    And then i would have to exit the friends ”app”and open another called miiverse and then i had to press mail (i think its called). and there i could send him a messege that only allow 100 letters so for mee to continue my letter i would have to send that and type another to finnish my whole messege to him.

    Then i would have to wait and see if he answers the messege , (that is if he saw the home button blink 2 times) with no sound beep or whatever.

    If he answer and wanna play coop . we cant seem to create a (lobby) and join. The only thing we could do was for him to create a lobby and keep kicking ppl joining until you joined.

    This my friends is bollox. This is the thing that are gonna make me stop supporting wii u and play their consol, hopefully not becouse i really like the whole idea and hoping wii u will make it great.

    But as an example !.. Look at steam on pc .

    Its simple as hell ,just as its suppost to be . You have a list of all your added friends and you can see if they are online or not . You simply press their name to select if u wanna chat ,mail ,videocall ,group chat .(join on thier game directly)..this you can do in juat 1 single ”program/app”.

    While in game with your friend you press a button to chat to them directly. or use mic. smooth and simple. Nintendo need to fix this stuff NOW before gamers get tierd of it.
    It should be easy to connect to friends and play with them ,not this complicated. .. oh and sry for my spelling :D but you all get the point :P ..

    now im going back to play my wii u :) .